Which version is right for your group?


LE Abridged Version (35min)

Geared for 6-9 year olds (1st-3rd grade), the LE Version is user friendly and requires no musical background to put on! Any Montessori-trained classroom teacher can do the job! The story is told primarily through songs, which can be learned from the CD, and the scenes are tied together with easy to learn “group narration” where lines are divided among many students.

  • 35 minutes long

  • 15-student minimum

  • Song driven / some dialogue

  • 7 songs

  • Easy to put on!


UE/MS Full Length Version (80min)

Geared for 9-14 year olds (4th-8th Grade), the Full Length Version dives into the rich story of Maria’s life. Act 1 depicts her early struggles, her conflict and eventual reconciliation with her father. The second act portrays her life after graduation and culminates with the miraculous discoveries made at the Casa Dei Bambini. Only schools with established drama programs should attempt this version.

  • 80 minutes long

  • 20-student minimum

  • In depth story and character development

  • 17 songs