Full Version Specifics

The full length version of Maria Montessori: The Musical is a mature work, designed for Middle School students and only the strongest of Upper Elementary programs. Character development happens through music and dialogue, and some challenging vocal performances are required. For the seasoned director, Maria Montessori: The Musical is a joy to put on. 



Maria Montessori, The Musical takes audiences into the life of a remarkable girl who dared to be different and changed the world as a result.

Raised in late-1800’s Italy, young Maria clashes with her father over her desire to study “boy” subjects like science and math. Against his wishes and the unified opposition of polite society, she enrolls in the University of Rome to become a physician. Overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, she excells and graduates with high honors, winning over all of her critics, her father included. 

In 1896, She is the first female in Italy to earn a doctorate of medicine. 

Immediately, she throws herself into the the most challenging area of medical study - the treating of mentally handicapped children in Rome’s insane asylums. Drawing inspiration from great doctors and philosophers of the past, Maria develops a method by which the children from the asylums learn to read and write. After this astounding success, Maria begins to suspect that the method she had developed might work for typical students. 

In time, she is given the opportunity to direct a slum school - a job no one else wants. She jumps at the opportunity, and what follows is nothing short of miraculous. 

Her discoveries engender a worldwide movement and make an indelible impact on the history of education. 


Full Version Song List (18 songs)

  • Children of the World

  • Hi, I'm Maria / You Can Do Anything

  • Sit Still

  • Anything But That

  • And She Studied

  • Knee Jerk Reaction

  • The Anatomy Lab

  • Who Can Calculate

  • And Maria Graduated

  • Look Out, Look Out

  • I'm Leaving the Spotlight

  • Power In My Hands

  • Heroes of History

  • The Didactic Apparatus

  • Dear Dr. Montessori

  • Love of Learning

  • Children of the World (Reprise)


Full Version Cast List (20 student min.)

  • 3 Narrators

  • Little Maria - 5 years old

  • Young Maria - Teenage

  • Maria - College and adult age

  • Renilde - Maria’s free-thinking, encouraging mother

  • Alessandro - Maria’s father. A traditionalist who at first opposes Maria’s professional ambitions.

  • Dr. Baccelli - A renowned professor and department chair at the University

  • Secretary - Works the door for Dr. Baccelli

  • Reporter - The voice of the public, who appears several times throughout the show

  • Pope Leo XIII - Who helps to calm the furor over Maria’s enrollment as a medical student at the University.

  • Anatomy Lab Attendant - Who greets Maria on the evening of her first Anatomy class.

  • Anatomy Professor - Who plays a role in Maria’s greatest challenge at the University.

  • Carlo - Alessandro’s friend who convinces him to attend Maria’s senior lecture at the University.

  • Nurse - An opinionated employee at Rome’s insane asylum who doubts Maria’s ability to educate the mentally handicapped.

  • Heroes of History: the thinkers and authors Maria turns to in her search for knowledge

    • Pareira

    • Rousseau

    • Pestalozzi

    • Froebel

    • Itard

    • Seguin

  • The Good Building Society: Philanthropic investors who seek out Dr. Montessori’s help in rescuing a tenament building investment from financial ruin, resulting in the establishment of a pre-school - The Casa Dei Bambini.

    • Chairman

    • Talamo

    • Di Maggio

    • Romano

    • Moretti

    • De Luca

  • Carina - Maria’s assistant at the Casa Dei Bambini.

  • Chorus: The chorus plays an important role in framing and musically narrating many scenes. At least 10 students are necessary during chorus numbers. Chorus members may also play supporting roles.