LE Version (35min)

LE Version (35min)


Our playkit comes with everything you need to put on an amazing show!

  • Director’s Guide with music cues; notes on costuming, and suggestions on set design, blocking, choreography and rehearsals.

  • Piano/Vocal Score with the sheet music so you learn the music correctly and, if desired, so musicians (adults and/or students!) can accompany the show live!

  • Student Scripts

  • Guide Vocal CD so you can easily learn the music and get a feel for the show alongside our student recordings.

  • Instrumental Accompaniment CD for rehearsals and showtime! These tracks allow you to put on the entire show without any live musicians if desired. Scene transition music is also included.

  • Reference DVD so you can see a full performance of the show.

  • Our assistance throughout the process. We are here to answer any questions you may have during the production process. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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