Immerse your students in the remarkable story of one of the greatest educators and female pioneers in history.

About the Show

Maria Montessori: The Musical was inspired, developed, and refined in the Montessori classroom. The result is a script that is fun and easy to love, but also, a script that is true.

The play spans 30 years. It begins with Little Maria, happy as the only child of her doting parents, and follows her through clashes with her father over her education, her struggle to apply and then survive the University, her triumphant graduation, her early successes, and the gradual formulation of her method culminating with the miraculous discoveries at the Casa Dei Bambini.

The story is unfolded primarily by the chorus, with the aid of the narrators, who poetically guide the audience through the scenes of Dr. Montessori’s early life.

Now, through the medium of musical theatre, Dr. Montessori’s journey is clearly portrayed - and all of the separate yet interdependent elements of her method are traced to present a clear picture of history, and Montessori’s role in it.

Maria Montessori - A Girl Who Dared to be Different

Maria Montessori, The Musical takes audiences into the life of a remarkable girl who dared to be different and changed the world as a result.

Raised in late-1800’s Italy, young Maria clashes with her father over her desire to study “boy” subjects like science and math. Against his wishes and the unified opposition of polite society, she enrolls in the University of Rome to become a physician. Overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, she excells and graduates with high honors, winning over all of her critics, and her father. 

In 1896, She became the first female in Italy to earn a doctorate of medicine. 

Students will connect with the inspiring story of a woman who successfully broke into an all-male profession and became the leader of it. Maria saw herself as a scientist, methodically observing and discovering the mysteries of childhood heretofore hidden in plain sight. 

Her discoveries engendered a worldwide movement and made an indelible impact on the history of education. 


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